plasma air purifier and 5g ozone generator, air disinfection, remove bad smell

 plasma air purifier and 5g ozone generator, air disinfection,  remove bad smell

Model No.︰FreshAir-200

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Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰200 pc

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Product Description

Plasma Air Purifier

applicable for hotels, pubs, office, restaurants

air disinfection, sterilization, remove bad smell, increase oxygen concentration

Strong negative ions

programmable timer


OEM&ODM available


a force against VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which along with harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, dust, and pollen, diminish the quality of air that we are exposed to.


decompose these compounds and clean the air around us.


  • 110V Outlet 2 Flat Prongs
  • 220V Outlet European 2 Round Pins


specifically designed to reduce VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, smoke, pollen, and dust, which it does by simultaneously producing positive and negative ions in large amounts.



What's plasma and how it works?


Plasma purifier works under graphite point discharge, which is produced through independent tiny units of oxygen molecules in the air, leading to the formation of ozone integration strings.


This device will generate a large number of small ion clusters when working in the electric field of more than 10kv. These small ions then collide with oxygen molecules in the air to produce positive and negative oxygen ions.


Positive oxygen ions:

(1) Due to their potent activity, positive oxygen ions are able to oxidize and decompose methyl mercaptan, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other pollutants in a very short time and stimulate the chemical reaction of volatile organic gases. After a series of reactions, carbon and water are ultimately generated.

(2) Positive oxygen ions can destroy the living conditions of the bacteria in the air and inactivate bacteria and spores. Thus, the reproduction is disabled and the concentration of bacteria in indoor environment is thus reduced.


Negative oxygen ions may absorb suspended particles weighing dozens of times than itself and descend by gravity. Thus, the suspended colloids (aerosols) are removed and the air is purified.


Plasma generator is a device that produces positive and negative ions, which release enormous energy during the neutralization of positive and negative charges, resulting in the changes in the structure of the surrounding bacteria and the transfer of energy and leading to the death of bacteria. In this way, a bactericidal effect is achieved.


This generator is able to boost the 5-12v low DC voltage to a level of over 10kv positive and negative high voltage through frequency-conversion boosted circuit and ionize the air under the electric field of the positive and negative high voltage. A large number of positive and negative ions are thus produced. Due to the presence of a stronger electric field of negative high voltage, more negative ions are produced in this process. The remaining negative ions in the air after neutralization still help to remove dust, smoke and odor, thereby improving the air quality.


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