10g portable ozone air purifier programmable timer ozone quartz tube

10g portable ozone air purifier programmable timer ozone quartz tube

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Product Description

Portable Ozone Generator

Room air disinfection


high ozone output 10g/h

long service life

Microcomputer control timer

high moisture proof


Voltage AC220V/50Hz Power ≤170W
Ozone output 10g/h Airflow 380m3/h
Fuse 5mA Timing microcomputer control timer
Material stainless steel Size 210 x 210 x 380mm
Weight 5.5kg    




corona discharge principle and surface discharge method;

designed and produced with ozone quartz tubes and long-life discharge electrode;

equiped with special driving power, highly efficient and reliable,

high ozone output, neary twice as much as that of the same-size machines;

applicable area reaches 2200 m³;

designed for disinfection of indoor environment (air and items).



Ozone, not only protects all lives on the earth from direct exposure to ultraviolet ray, but also is a strong oxidant, which can kill various kinds of germs and virus, decompose chemical material without any residue. It’s an excellent green environment-protection material, with unique advantages in health and epidemic prevention, living, treatment of industrial and agricultural water consumption and waste water.


Our ozone machines use corona discharge principle and surface discharge method; the generator is designed and produced with ozone quartz tube and long-life discharge electrode; equipped with special driving power, highly efficient and reliable, high ozone output, nearly twice as much as that of the same-size machines; applicable area reaches 2200 m³; designed for disinfection of indoor environment (air and items).


Basic functions: Kill viruses and bacteria in air and items surface, remove odor and bad smell.



  • Hospital-disinfection for wards, operation room and outpatient hall; kill virus and bacteria in the air or on the surface of items;
  • Hotel-disinfection of guestrooms, restaurants, kitchen, food pantries and rest rooms, remove bad smell and refresh air;
  • Food factory-environmental disinfection in food processing plants;
  • Slaughter house, Meat and poultry market-remove odor and bad smell, refresh air;
  • Warehouse, storage room-environmental disinfection, remove odor and bad smell;
  • Waiting hall of bus station and airport, coach, rest room-air disinfection, remove odor and refesh air;
  • Disinfection of central air-conditioning duct;
  • Newly furnitured house-remove formaldehyde, benzene,ammonia,carbon monoxide, kill germs and bacteria in room air, remove smell and mould from furniture, purify air, specially applicable for cleaning kitchen and toilet.


Microcomputer control timer:


Three working modes:

Countdown time work (maximum 99 hours)

Automatically continuous work (repeat ON/OFF)

Periodic work (3 time periods for each day);



  • Plug in the machine tightly;
  • Set timer according to Timer instruction
  • Press Switch to OFF, machine will stop working; Unplug the machine if not use for long time


Technical Parameters:

Voltage: AC 220V, 50Hz

Power: ≤170W

Working voltage: 18KV

Working frequency: 30KHz

Ozone output: 10g/h

Size: 210*210*380mm



  1. Clean the main case: shut off the power, clean the case with clean soft cloth;
  2. Move and store: move properly and get rid of collision; stored at clean and dry place with good ventilation, without corrosive gas.

Safe concentration:

  • The ozone concentration of people allowed to expose should be less than 0.2mg/m3.
  • Industrial Hygienic standard of ozone:
  1. International Ozone Association: 0.1ppm, exposure for 10 hrs;
  2. Americal: 0.1ppm, exposure for 8 hrs;
  3. Germany, France, Japan: 0.1ppm;
  4. China: 0.15ppm.
  • Ozone leak of Household Ozone disinfection cabinet should be less than 0.2mg/m3 (for distance of 1.5m more), residue concentration after one disinfection period should be less than 0.2mg/m3.
  • Annimal tests shows, dividing point of ozone toxicity is 0.3ppm, while people can smell ozone in the air when concentration reaches 0.02-0.04ppm, according to the test of ozone toxicity to lung, the superior limit of ozone concentration is 1.5-2.0ppm. Ministry of Health stipulate the maximum allowable concentration is 0.2mg/m3.


Concentration for air treatment

  • The required ozone concentration is low for air deodorization and sterilization, like 0.5ppm (1mg/m3), while for disinfection for items surface (kill microorganism and remove chemical pollution), the ozone concentration is required dozens of times higher.
  • Ozone concentration for air treatment is among 1mg/m3~10mg/m3.
  • It’s more efficient with low temperature and high humidity, especially the humidity, when it’s less less than 45%, ozone is nearly useless for killing flowing microorganism in the iar, strengthens when it’s 60%, and most efficient when it’s 95%.
  • Disinfection for food processing plant, 80% of natural germs can be killed with ozone concentration 0.5-1.0ppm.
  • Ozone concentration for freezer disinfection is required 6-10ppm, keep freezer sealed after turing off machine for 24 hours, the removal rate of germs reaches 90% and mould for 80%.
  • For fruit storge, can use ozone with concentration 2-3ppm to prevent restrain the growth of mould, the storage period can be extended twice.


Application concentration for water treatment

  • The ozone centration for water treatment is between 0.1mg/L~10mg/L. The low value is minimum concentration for water disinfection and purification, the high value is the concentration which ozonated water disinfectors can reach.
  • Ozone for tap water purification: International regular basis is solubility 0.4mg/L for 4 minutes, CT for 1.6.
  • Ozone for residual chlorine: keep ozone concentration 0.1~0.5mg/L for 5-10minutes, can receive the effect of disinfection.
  • Ozonated water for sterilization: Disinfection and terilization of ozonated water is rapid, when concentration reaches 0.3ppm, becateria can be killed with in 0.5-1.0 minute, HBV(hepatitis B virus) can be killed in 1 minute with concentration 4mg/l.
  • Herbold reports: under 20℃, when ozone concentration reaches 0.43mg/L in water, 100% escherichia coli can be killed, while only 0.36mg/L is needed under 10 ℃. When ozone concentration reaches 0.25~38mg/L, HAV (hepatitis a virus) can be killed within several second or minutes.
  • When ozone concentration reaches 0.4~0.5mg/L in mineral water, it can meet the requirements for sterilization and keep the quality, easonable ozone delivery is 1.5~2.0mg/L.
  • Ozone concentration for bottled water should reach 0.3~0.5mg/L, the ozone delivery should meet the basis of 2g O₃ for 1 m³.
  • Applications


Ozone concentration ppm Ozone output per m3 (mg/h)
  • Operation
  • Disinfection
Medical Instruments



20 ppm for 60 mins
  • Freezer



Disinfection and sterilization
Food plants



Everyday after work
Ward, operating room



Disinfection before and test total bacterial count by standard
Work clothes



Relative moisture 90%, clothes hanger
Disinfection and prolong the shelf life General place



Regular disinfection
  • Eggs



Provide ozone intermittently, twice or 3 times each day
  • Banana



  • Apple



Vegetable with little chlorophyll



Fish, cheese



Deodorization and purification




Use ozone upon bad smell
Aquatic processing factory



Pollution gas goes into treatment duct, ozone is fed into the duct for deodorization; If there is heavy bad smell in plants, feed more ozone at the air inlet; suitable for no ozone gas smell in plants
Slaughter house



Factory of Fatty Acid



rubber plant



Waster treatment



Water water treatment



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