coninuous work ozone water purifier for house clean, public hygiene

coninuous work ozone water purifier for house clean, public hygiene

Model No.︰GSL-2200P

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Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Intelligent ozone water generator


high ozone concentration in water

for home, hotel, restaurant, hospital and food store, public hygiene

instant and continuous work

foldable legs



Voltage 220V-240V, 50/60Hz Power 100W
Ozone concentration 1.0-5.0ppm Ozonated waterflow 200-2000L/H
Input water tap water Input water pressure 0.6-1.2kg/cm²
Input water temperature 5-30℃ Size L222*W120*H280mm
Weight 3.5kg Material stainless steel



Instant on-demand ozonated water production
Removable ozone generator
Micro gas-water mixer system
Intelligen micro-pressure start-stop system



Unique wall-mounted design
Use Tap water and air
Fast and effectively reduce pesticide residue, becateria, viruses and mold
No toxice Nox by-product
Increase O2-oxygen levels
Continuous output of highly concentrated ozonated water
Use DC 5V for control system, ensure safety
Easy operation, no daily maintenance required
Small size, low noise


Strong effects


Multiple purification for washing vegetable and fruit with our intelligent ozone water generator:

1. enter directly cytomembrane of germ, removal rate reaches 99.00%;

2. Degrade organophosphorus and pesticide residue effectively for 95%;

3. Remove heavy metal with 90% through oxidation reaction;

4. Remove mould and avoid deterioration;

5. Remove dirt on vegetable;



  1. Wash hands for sterilization and disinfection, protect health
  2. Oxidize and decompose bacteria and pesticide residue on the vegetable surface and prolong the shelf life
  3. Disinfection and sterilization for insalata cruda for inscreasinng oxygen, deliciousness and health
  4. Remove fishy smell, also smell on utensil and hands
  5. Disinfection for surface of floor, wall, table and bed
  6. Remove bad breath, clean mouth for sterilization,prevent oral disease and sore gums
  7. Clean towel, mop and rag, remove odor
  8. No nitrogen oxides, safe and green disinfection, without residue
  9. Remove residual chlorine in water



Intelligent ozone water generator uses advanced Inching pulsive operation control system, advanced micropressure start/stop system, intelligent cooling system, inique miniature gas-water mixer system, non-contact auto standby/sleep/power-saving system;


Intelligent ozone water generator is specially designed for kitchen, shower, laundry cleaning with strong performance, low noise, easy operation and no daily maintenance, applicable for daily life and restaurant.


It’s different from other ozone water generator in current market, which has big size, difficult installation and inconvenient usage and need to put tubes into a basin.


Our intelligent ozone water generator can be used to wash fish, remove fishy smell, make fish more delicious; remove smell on hand and utensil, kill becateria and harmful microbe; wash meat to remove hormone and antibiotics, make meat more fresh, make your diet more healthy and life more perfect.


Ozone water generator can be used widely in our daily life: wash hand and remove becateria, remove bad breath; clean furniture and floor, kill becateria, remove odor and prevent germs and mould.


Our intelligent ozone water generator can also be connected with water heater for shower, with laundry machine for wshing clothes, with ice machine to make ice.


Ozonated water of high concentration can be widely used for daily life, food manufacturing, and agricultural purposes. Common methods include spraying, flushing, immersing, and wiping.


Disinfection of Hands

Use ozonated water to wash hands for disinfection, sterilization, and reduction of disease transmission. Applicable for industries with high hygiene requirements and for use in crowded public places.

Water purification

Ozonated water of high concentration can be used for water disinfection and sterilization, to: 1) decompose and oxidize impurities, 2) remove residual chlorine, 3) oxidize heavy metal ions, 4) increase oxygen levels, 5) reduce total dissolved solids and clarify water, and 6) for decolorization.

Fruits and vegetables

Ozonate produce to fully decompose residual of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, kill bacteria on the surface, prolong freshness, and reduce spoilage.

Fish and eggs

Immersing fish, eggs, and meat in ozonated water kills germs and harmful microbes, removes residual hormones and antibiotics, makes meat taste better, removes fishy smells and bacteria, prolongs freshness, and reduces spoilage.

Beauty and health care

Wash face, hair, or use in shower. Reduces skin bacteria and dirt, and activates epidermal cells.

Household goods and baby products

Use for disinfection and sterilization for daily goods, such as tableware, clothes, and especially children’s toys, milk bottles, and underwear.

Oral care

Use ozonated water to brush teeth and clean mouth. Reduces bad breath and germs that contribute to gingivitis.

Family practice

Reduce populations of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections on the skin or body.   

Pet disinfection

Use ozonated water to clean pets, decrease bacterial, viral, and fungal infections to remove smells, and decrease mite, flea and lice populations.

Household cleaning

Use ozonated water to clean living rooms, kitchens, and washrooms. Can effectively kill bacteria, remove smells, and prevent growth of germs and mold.

Manufacturing equipment


Full high-pressure washing can kill bacteria and other micro-organisms in equipment, pipelines, and packaging containers.

Poultry, Pig, and Equine Ranches

Use ozonated water to clean animals and wash farms. Removes odors, kills bacteria and germs, and decreases cross contamination and disease transmission.


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