Designer and manufacturer of quality ozone purifiers

We’re an environment-friendly high-tech enterprise, integrated with R&D, production-

 and sales of air purifiers and ozone machines.


Our main products includes room air purifier, car air purifier, plasma air purifier,

anion ozone generator, ozone water generator, portable ozone generator,

wall-mountable ozone generator and other healthcare products.


Our machines have been widely used in home, hotel, restaurant, hospital, food

store and food processing factory, etc. 


We're experienced designer and always continue to launch new products for overseas partners, with unique technology and in an easy way,

which will enable our cooperation keep grow with new business.


We're experienced market researcher and our machines can be used for wide and new applications, from domestic to commercial.


We're OEM& ODM provider and can always provide more business opportunity of your own market.


Please share your ideas and we will make your own machines with best and economic solutions in short time.


Our advantages: 1. experienced in air and water treatment;

                            2. machines are reliable and stable; applicable for various occasions, from domestic to commercial;

                            3. full experience in OEM service;

                            4. quick ODM service, low cost and small MOQ;


                   have enough time and full support to develop local market.